Pinarello Urbanist Deore 1×11

The new NYTRO URBANIST is the ideal choice for city mobility thanks to its low weight that allows it to be easily loaded onto vehicles and taken to the office.

Denna produkt är för närvarande slut i lager och är inte tillgänglig.


NYTRO URBANIST offers powerful and natural assistance, perfect for the city and for your weekend away.
The Fazua Motor offers three levels of assistance:
Breeze: a gentle, constant and 100 watts strong tailwind even at low rider power
River: progressive and very sporty mode, for a smooth riding experience. The strength of the support precisely follows your foot and your own power. Give a lot – and get a lot from the motor (max. 210 watts)
Rocket: an a ggressive assistance that helps you to tackle the steepest sections even with moderate driver power (max. 250 watts)

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